Hair Straighteners.

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What are Micro Looping Hair Extensions?

Micro Hair Extensions are perhaps the most versatile type of hair extensions with a great advantage over other types of hair extensions for both short and long term use.

How Does Micro Looping Work?

They work by attaching hair extensions to your existing hair using very small hoops that will match the colour of your hair. They also allow your hair to move freely and realistically like real hair.

The great thing about these extensions is they can be used on any length of hair, so even if your hair is two inches long you can get the long hair you desire.

Why should you use Micro Looping over other extension methods?

A lot of other types of hair extensions such as braiding, weaving and gluing can sometimes cause damage to hair such as tension alopecia, headaches.  Micro extensions cause none of these problems and have the advantage that they don’t fall out when you wash your hair, which is a common problem with glue extensions.

We advise our clients to come and see us so we can ensure your extensions look perfect and last as long as possible.

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